Illinois TRIAD
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Illinois State TRIAD: bringing to gather committed police officers,
legal representatives, elderly rights advocates and senior citizens
for crime prevention and education throughout Illinois.
Crime Prevention - Tips

BEWARE of any program that seems to offer something for nothing. If it
sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

•BEWARE of free prizes that require a credit card number for verification.
YOU have initiated the call.

•Do not give out any information about yourself. Ask the questions--do
not answer any of a telemarketer's inquiries.

•Do not buy over the phone from unfamiliar companies.

•Always take time when making a decision...give yourself 24 hours to
think it over

•Never be pressured to pay cash upfront to a salesman who comes to
your door.

•Do not get taken in by high-pressure sales tactics that urge you to "act

•Ask for information in writing.

•Do not return mail order solicitations.

•Talk to a trusted friend, relative or financial advisor before committing
your money.

•Never respond to any offer you do not thoroughly understand.

•If door-to-door salespeople approach your home, do not let them in. If
you let them in and they will not leave, call the police or leave. Do not be
afraid to say, "no." Dishonest door-to-door salesmen want to operate
without attracting the attention of neighbors or the authorities, so they
are unlikely to become violent.

•If you suspect that you or someone you know has been a victim of elder
fraud, immediately contact your local police or the Attorney General's